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Olight CR123 CR123A 1600mAh Lithium Battery (3V)
Price RM7.90 RM8.00
Brand Olight
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm
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OLIGHT 3.0 V CR123A Lithium battery- 1600 mAh. Not rechargeable.

Long shelf life, low self discharge thanks to its Lithium chemistry, shelf life is about 10 years even in extreme environments (-40 ° C / 100 °).

Usable in all flashlights in the family catalog "CR123 flashlights." A very good price / quality / capacity.

Optimal for high-drain devices
Over discharge current protection
Over discharge voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Improved Battery Safety Free from Leakage of Liquid Electrolyte
Low Battery Internal Impedance

Type: CR123A-1600mAh
Model No: OLB3-123A
Chemistry: Lithium
Capacity (mAh): 1600
Voltage: 3V
Weight: 16.3g
Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 16.5×34 mm

Contact: 012-6182395 (please message me direct for large quantity order)

What's in the box

What's In The Box:

  • Olight CR123 CR123A 1600mAh 3V Lithium Battery x 1