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Garmin GA 25MCX Remote GPS Antenna
Price RM160.00
Brand Garmin
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm
Availability In Stock


For better reception in vehicle interiors, this new and improved remote antenna is the answer. It has a built-in, magnetic mount for the outside of your vehicle, and comes with more than 8 ft (2.4 m) of cable and MCX connector. Size 2.75" (6.99 cm) L x 2" (5.08 cm) W x 0.75" (1.91 cm) H.

Compatible with:

Belkin Bluetooth GPS
Emtac GPS Expansion Pack, Bluetooth Empfänger, GPSJAQ, Crux Bluetooth GPS
Fortuna Pocket X Track CF, Bluetooth Xtrack, Pocket Xtrack, ClipOn Bluetooth
Garmin Streetpilot-I2, StreetPilot-I3, StreetPilot-I5 Garmin Quest, Quest2, iQue-3200 PDA, iQue-3600 PDA, iQue-3600, iQue-M3, iQue-M4, iQue-M5, StreetPilot-2610, StreetPilot-2620, StreetPilot-2650, StreetPilot-2660, Streetpilot-2710, Streetpilot-2720, Streetpilot-2730, Streetpilot-2740, Streetpilot-2820, Streetpilot-7500, Streetpilot-c310, StreetPilot-c320, StreetPilot-c330, Streetpilot-c340, Streetpilot-C510, Streetpilot-C530, Streetpilot-C550,eMap: GPS-12CX, GPS-12MAP, GPS-12XL, GPS-15/15L/15H, GPS-2527C, GPS-27C, GA-27, MK-76, GPS-40, GPS-60, GPS-76, GPSMAP 60, GPSMAP 60C, GPSMAP 60CS, GPSMAP 62S, GPSMAP 64S, GPSMAP 76, GPSMAP 76C, GPSMAP 76CS, GPSMAP 76S, GPSMAP 78S, GPSMAP 96, GPSMAP 96C, GPSMAP 175, GPSCOM 190, GPSMAP 195, NavTalk MGPS, Montana 600, Montana 610, Montana 650, Montana 680, NUVI -300, NUVI-310, NUVI-350, NUVI-360, NUVI-600, ZUMO 550
Holux GM-100, CR-100, GM-101, GR-230 Bluetooth, GM-250, GM-251, GM-270 CF (LP und Ultra), GR-230, GR-231
Lowrance iWay-100M, iFinder, iFinder H20, iFinder-Hunt, iFinder-Map & Music, iFinder PhD, iFinder Pro, Airmap-500, iWay-500C
Navigon MN 4 Empfänger, NAVIGON TriCeiverTMC BT Receiver
Navman iCN-Systeme (iCN 600 Series: 610, 620, 630, 635, 650; GPS 300, GPS 3300, GPS 3400, GPS 3450, GPS 4400, GPS 4410, GPS 4460, GPS 4470, C340, C510 C530 C550)
Road Angel Road angel 2, Road Angel Compact, Road Angel Navigator (Not for Road Angel Navigator 6000, 7000)
T-Mobile Navigate CEO0681
Sony NVX-P1
Tomtom ONE (V1/V2/XL/T), GO 510, GO 520, GO 520 T, GO 520 Music Edition, GO 710, GO 720 GO 720 T, GO 910, GO 920, GO 920 T

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What's in the box

What's In The Box:

  • Garmin GA 25MCX Remote GPS Antenna x 1